Development of recovery processes
for recycling of valuable components from FPDs (In, Y, Nd)
for the production of high added value NPs. (RECYVAL-NANO)

LUREDERRA, well known research organisation specialised in the field of nanomaterials, highly skilled in advanced chemistry, will not only coordinate the whole project but also be primary responsible for the production of nanoparticles from the recycled precursors as well as in the treatment of nanoparticles for incorporation in the final applications.


COOLREC, large company expert in WEEE handling, recycling and logistics, will lead the definition stages and the demonstration of the pilot lines constructed.


TECNAN, company expert in industrial production of nanoparticles and nanodispersions, will play a key role in the manufacturing of the nanoparticles and their modification for the development of the final applications such as magnets.


ABCRlabs, expert SME company in chemicals synthesis and precursors production, will be responsible fundamentally for the synthesis of the tailored solvent agents as well as the required metallorganic precursors.


MOS, advanced SME company specialist in machines design and construction, will be responsible for the development of the lab scale line and the pilot line to recover the valuable streams from FPDs.


MEAB, SME company expert in hydrometallurgical techniques and solvent extraction, will be in charge of the design, construction, optimisation and demonstration of the pilot line for extraction of key metal and production of precursors.


EPILIGHT, a SME developer of products and systems based on LEDs technology, will incorporate Y2O3:Eu3+ nanoparticles into LEDs applications and will perform a comparison analysis.


TWI, expert research organisation in ionic liquids chemistry, will participate in the design of the extraction route and tailored solvents for recovery of the key metals.


CHALMERS, expert university in solvent extraction processes for the recovery of key metals will develop hydrometallurgical extraction routes also designing special tailored extracting agents.


TUDELFT, highly-skilled university in materials separation and sensors technology, will be one of the responsible of the development and optimisation of the selected technologies for the mechanical separation and recycling of FPDs.


PLASMAQUEST, SME company developer of transparent conductor coatings which will be responsible for the application of the ITO recycled nanoparticles into a transparent conductor coating performing the comparison analysis.


EXKAL, leading company in the production of refrigeration cabinets will participate as end-user, testing and validating the LEDs systems based on nanophosphors in the lighting systems for food cabinets