Development of recovery processes
for recycling of valuable components from FPDs (In, Y, Nd)
for the production of high added value NPs. (RECYVAL-NANO)
The main objectives of the project are as follows:

> To design, construct and optimise a recycling pilot line able to treat FPDs at a capacity of 500 kg/h comprising the full treatment to recover larger fraction and also smaller but high valuable streams containing key metals (In, Y and Nd), ensuring safe procedures, versatile technologies and industrial viability.

> To design a chemical extraction pilot line able to recover at a rate of 500 g/h In, Y and Nd with a purity of at least a 99 % of target metal producing metallorganic precursors which will be able to direct reuse in production of nanoparticles by pyrolysis methods.

> To develop and optimise the production of advanced nanoparticles by FSP methods starting from recycled metallorganic precursors, promoting new highly efficient applications in TCOs, phosphor materials and magnetic nanoparticles.